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Get the Grades you Need to Succeed
Studying with a personal tutor is the best way of learning. You get all your teacher's attention for all of the lesson.
Whether you are studying for KS3, GCSE, AS, A2, IB or a BA, this is how you make rapid progress.
It is not new; it's not rocket science, but it really works!
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    Individual Tuition
    Students come to us for individual tuition when they want to boost their confidence and marks in English courses and exams. This is a really good investment - especially if you feel that you are not reaching your full potential in English at school.
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    Small Group Tuition
    Do you want to attend some English classes with one or two friends in order to boost your exams and coursework? Group tuition prices start at £15 and are a great option for because we never teach more than three students in a group.
  3. 3
    Intensive Tuition
    Intensive tuition is a brief and focussed learning. solution. It provides you with a concentrated individual course which, over a week or a weekend, will boost your English Language or Literature performance just when you need it most.
Fees (per hour)
Intercontinental online study success.
When Rajendra - a bright 16 year old from New Delhi - contacted me for help with her IGCSE English, I was a little surprised, as I had rarely used Skype for teaching.
The classes went well. Rajendra's family paid £100 by bank transfer for a series of 30-minute lessons. She sent essays by email, which we then discussed in class.
She was a great student, who did exceptionally well in her exams. As a result, I became a convert to online distance learning.
So, if you have difficulty coming to us in Birmingham, why not - like Rajendra - let us come to
  • Group classes from as little as £15
  • Basic English 1-2-1 from £27 psh
  • GCSE / A-levels= £35
  • University (PUP & USP)= £40
  • Workshops = £40
  • Online Tuition = £15 per class
  • Groups of 2 = £40
  • Groups of 3 = £45
  • Sunday Classes = £50

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For more details, to book or to discuss how we can help you or your child, please contact us by email or using the telephone numbers on our Contact page.
Remember: we are waiting to help you to achieve your goals.