Brush up your basics.

Sometimes, students of all ages need to revisit their basic English skills, such as spelling, punctuation and grammar.
This course is designed to set you back on the right track with the basics, so that you have a firm knowledge of how things should be done, and can produce basic written English without mistakes by the end.
Do you need to brush up your basics?

Get your run-up right...

Key Stage 3 is, in some ways, the run-up to those all important GCSE years. This is when you really lay the foundations for getting good grades at GCSE. Developing your confidence, writing, communication and analytical skills is all-important and we will work with you to make sure that you finish KS3 in great shape to make a success of your GCSE English course.

Jump into GCSE English

Getting a good pass in GCSE English is essential if you want to get very far in life, and it is an admission requirement for university, as even the most scientific student will quickly discover.
We really love the beauty of the English language and its literature, and we aim to share this with you, so that doing well at GCSE English is an enjoyable pleasure rather than a necessary chore.

IGCSE Option

Some schools choose to follow the IGCSE syllabus for their Key Stage 4 English exams. This is because it is a simpler and slightly more tradiional type of exam.
In recent years, there have been two examination boards offering this exam, and we usually prepare students for the Cambridge IGCSE First Language English.  We also support IGCSE Second Language English.

Reaching the heights...

We regularly support AS and A2 students - whether over the course of the year or for shorter courses in the lead-up to their actual exams.
Equally happy with literature and language options, we are familiar with the requirements of most examining boards and syllabuses.
Please talk to us early to discuss your needs or concerns. Sometimes one or two sessions are all that are needed.

Getting it right.

As a writer of academic papers, journal articles and research reports, Dr de Reybekill is well-qualified to help students who struggle with their writing.
Sometimes, these are senior professionals who have to provide excellent written English at work, at others, students who need to improve their academic English before starting their university course.
If this sounds like you, contact BET to discuss your needs today.